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Chop, chop Bob

Ok,  girls its time for the big chop!  Be brave and cut off your long locks.  I’ts not all doom with the bob trend you can still keep your hair a bit long by cutting an asymetrical bob like Kim K and Katy Perry be bold with your colours too. 

If you love a sleek look you can have a Cleopatra length like Kim K at the Promise premier red carpet or like Minnie Dlamini South Africa’s diamond.  With the Cleopatra length you can complete the look with the dramatic makeup and outfits to get you shining like royalty.  

For the brave who want to go all the way short like Kerry Washington and Rihanna you can do it.  You can also warm up the look with honey brown tones.  

Now for the daring edgy girls colour and curls for your bob is the way to rock. Twisting your straightners to get the graphic edgy look.  These four beauties do it effortless so can you.  

With a bob your straighteners are your best friend this season.  Whatever you do just have fun with it.  

P. S the sun is the perfect lighting for amazing selfies so step out selfie ready. 


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