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Lace glue horrors

We all want to share  everything nice about the beauty industries, it’s never nice to show the ugly stuff.  In the spirit of educating each other I going to shed light of something I stumbled on.  

Lace frontals have take the hair industry by storm. We all wondered how celebrities did it all those years now we have the secret and we are loving it. Lace frontal is goals. Hair and edges looking on point. Who doesn’t want that?  I know we all trust our stylists so we sit there and get our hair done no questions asked. When we do leave our hair looks amazing and we feel fabulous.  I need you all to start asking your stylists about products they use on your hair.  It might be feel uncomfortable or rude to do so but be knowledgeable about everything.  You cam even ask for them to try some products on your skin to see if you react. This is why consultations are are important. I saw this on instagram and thought of sharing it with you. 

Scary but real.  This happens.  Some stylists are just in it for the money nothing else. Be sure that your stylist is good at what she does ask around from others that might know your stylists work.  They will use whatever is cheap and available. Do your research and ask as many questions as you need to.  Invest in a customised wig where you won’t it need glued down. Some lace frontals are harsh and can still damage your skin. Save up your money insted of suffering the consequences of wanting cheap stuff. 

I apologise for the graphic pic but I had to share so we all learn something.  REMEMBER TO DO YOUR RESEARCH. 

Till then… Xx


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