real talk

Storytime: Insecure wig

If I don’t have a protective hairstyle I will be wearing one of my custom wigs.  I do look good with a wig on If I do say so myself.  

As soon as the sun comes up I feel the need to be active because I figure that would get me bikini ready ( not)  but a girl can try. No more layers to hide the winter weight.  I normally go for a long walk in the park,  I can’t run to save my life. 

Today I got my music going,  headed for the park.  Workout gear looking good and my wig on right,  at least i thought.  My walk was good but in true british weather the sun was slipping away and I could feel the rain coming on. Now you know us girls can’t get our hair wet.  My walk turned into a light jog.  I felt a breeze through my hair and I knew, I just knew my wig was gone.  How, you ask? 

Amongst all days I didn’t bother to put on the elastic that secures my wigs or use the wig combs, I don’t sew or glue my wigs.I was just depending on the stretch fit of the wig cap and I just thought as long as I don’t make any sudden movements I will all good.  Lies.  When I was ‘jogging’ I passed by a tree and my wig got caught on a branch and slipped off.  Nature was wrong for that one.  I recycle you know.  

Embarasment is not even the word to describe how I felt.  Mind you the park was filled with people.  When the sun comes out do does everyone.Trying to get my wig whilst trying avoid eye contact made it worse. I didn’t even want to raise my head.I was waving my hands towards the tree like a fool.  I could have just walked away but I payed a lot of money for that hair.  When I finally grabbed it, I tucked it under my jumper then I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was an old lady who had seen the whole thing. The ground just wouldn’t open up and swallow me up.  She said, don’t worry hen worse things have happened and it could have been worse.” It was kind of reassuring but for the first time since P.E I ran. I woke up in a sweat clutching on to my hair and heart,  its witchcraft to have dreams like this.  

It was dream for me but we all know those viral videos on social media with wigs falling off.  I always laugh at them but this dream was so real I’m shook.  So girls I’m pleading with you when you are done laughing and/or empathising with me please remember to secure your wigs before you leave the house.  Make all the necessary adjustments,  importantly invest in custom made wigs not only do they look natural but they are made to fit and be secure. 


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