good hair day

99p hair conditioning treatment

 I have spent most of money on Christmas gifts so its going to be minute till I get some coin to buy hair. I’m also running around so I don’t have time to sit and braid my hair for hours. Thank heavens for wigs.  

Wig or not my own hair is a mess from the cold weather.  The hair breakage is my worst nightmare. I need an oil treatment but that will cost me a bit at the salon. 

So I decided to do a conditioning treatment at home. 

Got this replenishing pak from a hair shop for 99p. Costs a bit more if you buy from ebay with delivery charges.  

After you shampoo your hair.  Towel dry and apply the replenishing pak conditioner be very generous (I use the whole packet). Massage it well into your hair and comb it through. 

I didn’t have a plastic shower cap so I used cling film it works just as well.

Make sure your hair is covered well.  You can take a blow dryer and blast away for about 10mins.  Have a towel near by. 

If you don’t have a blow dryer don’t worry just get a silk wrap or whatever you use wheItyou wrap your hair when going to bed.  Cover it up and stay with the conditioner for at least 45mins. 

Remove the plastic wrap,  comp your hair with a wide tooth comb, rinse well and style as desired.  

It really does help to give some life back into your hair.  

Note : I like to condition my hair 

  • a couple of weeks after relaxing my hair 
  • Before braiding my hair
  • After braiding my hair

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