The soon to be Mrs Kardashian just had a beautiful baby girl.  She is just a dream. As we are falling in love with baby dream via snap chat and envious of her snap back. She dropped major news on instagram; she is now the ambassador for Mac Cosmetics shade scents.

Under her campaign image she captioned:

“Pink has always been a signature part of my look from head to toe and my signature pink Lipstick shade has always been @MACcosmetics eye catching Candy Yum Yum. Pink is a powerful color women and girls use to embrace their femininity. It’s strong and sexy! Now, I can express my vibrant personality in a new way with #MACShadescents. With six scents that are inspired by @MACcosmetics most iconic Lipstick shades, there is one for every personality. #IAmCandyYumYum – what’s your #MACShadescents?#MACambassador”

  Gotta admit she looks amazing.  Respect the hustle she is doing her thing.  Congradulations Chyna!!  Tracee Elis Ross is also a Mac ambassador with the shadescent Ruby woo.  

Stocking filler anyone? 


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