Creepy creative creepers

Choosing a scary outfit for halloween was all you needed but not any more. Every element of your outfit counts in creating the ultimate ghoul.  I never really pay attention to halloween looks post but this halloween a lot of makeup and hair fanatics came up with amazing looks and it was hard to ignore or miss. I have enjoyed my instagtam timeline these past weeks leading to halloween. Its a shame halloween is only for one night. Can’t wait to see what people come up with next year. As for me I’m still perfecting my craft to reach these levels.  Who knows I might create my own ghouls next year,  im feeling inspired.  Here are some of my favorite looks from instagram. 



Photo credit :

Desiperkins, nikkitutorials, anacarolinabarreravasquez, erika.fx, brittanyevans, albertopolicarpo, silkysaks, cuttinghairz, dreamdry, giggleberry, madeyewlook, izzie_jj and withlove.nadia


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