thinking aloud

Everyone is not wrong

Its 4.35 am in the morning, I have been up for an hour I just can’t seem to get my self to back to sleep. Usually when I wake up around this time I pray and I always start thinking about life, different things like my regrets, my goals, relationships etc.

As I stare at the ceiling I thought of something I  once heard T.I the rapper once say, “Everyone is not wrong.” This caught my attention because I am one of those people who has an answer for everything. i will justify anything and everything I do, I am learning to change that but its a struggle. Sometimes I really am justified most times i just don’t want to be told anything because I want to seem like I know what I am doing.

In life we all make mistakes and there is nothing wrong with that. At times we make the same mistake over and over again. In most cases we people around us to point it out. If I do something wrong and a friend points it out that’s OK, if I do the same wrong thing another friend notices I can wiggle myself out of that one but if this happens a third and a forth time,is them or is it me?

Its not easy to self reflect and admit that you wrong, especially when you are a pro at justifying yourself. You could have good intentions but your delivery is wrong or you could say people receive information differently but if three people point out something is it time to look in the mirror ?

Be it personal or professional relationships we all have room for improvement we are always learning. You don’t always have to have the answer and not everyone is against you. It’s not easy to be criticised but be able to discern if there is need to change or not.  If you listen to understand and not listen to reply, you can learn what need to be changed and that change could be difference between success and failure in your relationships.


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