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What’s in my bag: hair essentials

Hi lovelies, so sorry its been a minute since my last post, I have been swamped. Summer is over  and it’s time to change things a few staple items like my handbag. (trying to keep up with the Jones on trends). Whilst emptying my old bag I realised I can’t leave the house without my phone, wallet, makeup bag and another small bag with my travel size hair essentials. At some point in the day I do touch up my makeup but also touch up my hair. I am going to share with you what’s in my hair bag. My mini essentials that help keep my hair looking great all day.

  1. Jamaican castor oil: After years of  wearing weaves, braids and wigs my edges were almost non- existent and this product is amazing. Not only does it help recover your edges but it also helps with the thickness of your hair. Its a product that has been on the market forever but got buried under the wave of new products. It has a certain smell to it so I suggest you mix it with your favorite hair food/oil to cover the smell but it works wonders.
  2. Scrunchies: this is one accessory that can be a bangle one day and then back to being my hair scrunchie. Its always near by for emergency purposes like keeping my hair under control on windy days or when I just don’t want to deal with my hair. Tie it up.
  3. Dark and lovely hair refresher: we get up to a lot in our daily lives and we are exposed to a lot like food smells and smoke. After sometime our braids/weaves will start to smell and lets face it shampooing  is time consuming. Using hair refresher in between tracks or braids to give them a fresh feel does the trick to sort that little issue.
  4. Tail comb/ tangle teaser: other than helping  with your styling and detangling I find the tail comb very useful in scratching that hard to reach itch, the one your fingernail never seems to get.
  5. Dark and lovely sheen spray: After a while hair extensions get a bit dull and they lose that brand new shine. Sheen spray does help with that but easy with the trigger finger you don’t want to be oilier than a frying pan. I for one will be embarrassed for you.
  6. Bobby pins: they are on this list because I buy them every time I visit a hair shop but i lose them all the time. i can never locate one around the house but somehow manage to find them in my bag. helpful for keeping those naughty hairs in place and keeping them somewhere hidden in my weave for when I need to scratch. Honest its better that getting a headache from patting your weave and more convenient than looking for your tail comb in your bag.
  7. Eco styler gel: I have a collection of useless edge control gels and hair jams.Until further notice I stand by this product it has a matte finish, it doesn’t flake, not smell. it feel flexible so you don’t get that stiff feel. Its amazing for styling your edges.
  8. Toothbrush:   Using a toothbrush when I’m styling my edges gives me control. That bit of control does boost my confidence to try different styles in styling my edges.  If you are not confident using a tail comb a toothbrush is fool proof.

What hair essentials do you have in your bag?

Till then…


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