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Working out bodyshame

People that work out look amazing don’t they? They have the ideal bodies; they are the beautiful people.My Instagram  timeline is flooded with #instababes looking hot in bikinis, working out  and sipping on fit tea.  People are  image obsessed its hard not to be obsessed as well. The Kardashians’s fame ans fortune is based on their good looks.  We want to havw their style, we want their bodies.

I myself am guilty of body shaming my own body. I hate my own body. I have tried to look at myself everyday an try to accept myself, I have bought waist trainers, I have starved myself ( till my next meal) but I still don’t like my body because I don’t look like those hot chicks on my Instagram timeline.

#Instababes  and the Kardashians have set the bar high. The reason i am not as hot as your regular #instababe is, I have a belly, the one thing that ruins every outfit,especially bodycon dresses.  Sucking it in wont help , waist trainers no help either. The solution is so obvious; exercise and eating right. I know what to do but I am lazy, I lack motivation to be consistent when it comes to exercising and eating healthy. I will start today and then look for an excuse as to why I can start tomorrow or next week or tell myself that I’m not going to skinny anyway so why bother. last year I signed up for the gym, went 4 times and quit.One would say I’m not serious, but I am  just for the wrong reasons using tbe wrong methods.I have spent so much money on diet pills etc looking for a quick fix all because I need to see results now!!!

Granted some of these girls bodies are fake, thanks to photo shop, filters and surgery.(Yes there are girls that have worked hard for their bodies and I won’t  take that away from them). We live in a society where we are told what is beautiful. For me it’s gotten so bad I can’t even take a compliment, instead of saying thank you I start listing what I think is wrong with me. By listing my ‘flaws’ I am looking for that person to agree with me that there is something wrong with me. But is there really something wrong me?  Or is it all in my mind?  Have I convinced myself that I am not beautiful? I applaud those girls that are just happy with how they look. Their confidence makes them beautiful and I wish I could just be confident with myself.They embrace themselves and inturn they embrace life.  I’m sure someone is dying to have the curves I’m wishing away. The world is funny like that, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Image issues aside,health wise I know I’m not fit, I feel like dying after running for a bus and yes I do need to cut down on the junk food and introducing healthy foods without going cold turkey. Easing into it seems realistic for me. Its a journey that I think I need to be mentally prepared for. I need to re-access my thoughts and lose weight for the right reasons, the right way. Easier said that done, tough job trying to retrain my mind.I have to start somewhere.

Social media is a blessing and a curse; its partly to blame for my body issues but it will be reason for the changes I make. I have to censor myself on what I think is real and what is not. Most importantly I need to work on my confidence. Stick to losing weight the healthy way without ruining my body with harmful stuff Imagine looking fab on the outside but rotting on the inside.  I’m a working progress.

I am accountable for the things I condition my mind and body to.  I am going to work hard on loving and accepting myself. This is my experience with body shaming myself and I will work it out literally this time, no short cuts.

What’s your story?


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