good hair day

Wig making pictorial

I remember saying to mum that I will never wear wigs they are for old people.  Never say never. I love wigs. I prefer wigs to sew in.  So versatile, you can have any style any time.
I’m creating a new wig for my collection,  using kinky straight hair. I’m going to show you a pictorial of how I created my wig.#bighairdontcare

What you will need:

  • Hair
  • pins (t bar pins are best)
  • Needles
  • Thread
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Dome cap/ wig cap
  • Mannequin head/ wig block
  • Elastic band

Place your dome cap on the manequin head/ wig block use pins to keep the cap in place.

Position your lace closure at the centre of the cap and use pins to keep it in place. By placing the closure to the centre you can always shift your wig sideways when wearing it to have different side partings.

When you are satisfied with the position on your lace closure, sew it on to the cap.  I use the overcast stich because it allows the cap to be flexible without tightening it .

Start sewing in your hair starting at the nape.

Don’t cut your hair, just fold the tracks  making sure their secure by sewing through the track at the ends and doing double knots.

Note: leave one finger space between tracks unless you are using a lot of hair.

Keep going with u-shape pattern util you get to the top. The last track should be sewn really close to the closure no space left out.

Turn over the wig inside out and cut out the cap where the lace closure is.  (Careful not to cut any stitching)

Get a tape measure and measure your head from ear to ear via the nape of your head. Get an elastic band and cut it to the measurement minus an inch. Sew both ends the elastic to both sides of the lace closure.


I hope this was helpful. Feel free to share your own tips to making a wig.


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