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Hair care after braid removal

I have committed a major crime against my hair.I left my box braids in for too long and I now face the following:

  • hair breakage
  •  dandruff and oil build up
  • smelly hair from oils and sweat
  • knots and tangles growth
  • damaged edges

Box braids are a trendy and protective style for your hair and the styling possibilities are endless. Most people keep their braids in for 2-3 months with good maintenance of washing them and some even get them retouched e.g along the hairline to get them to look new, hiding the old ones and prevents from  damaging your hair line. Braids need to be washed properly because shampoo and conditioner can add to the build up and I always make sure your hair and extensions are bone dry, you could get moldy  hair.I like changing hairstyles very 4-6 weeks, because I would rather have a new do than do a retouch.

Braids take a long time to get done (sore bum alert). To braid virgins you have been warned, to braid vets you know the struggle. The benefits are amazing especially on saving time after you have had them done. No need to curl or straighten anything in the morning which saves you time but you really have to be mindful of your own hair .

If you have reached the point of no return like me here is what you can do:

  1. After undoing all the braids gently detangle your knots individually (do not brush out the knots you risk more hair breakage and a sore scalp).Note: If you  have relaxed hair and it’s due a touch up relax it after step one or wait for  a couple of days before relaxing your hair.
  2.  Shampoo your hair 2-3 times ( really get in the hair to get your hair and scalp squeaky clean).
  3. Apply a generous amount of conditioner, massage it in and leave it for 5 minutes.
  4. Take a medium tooth comb, section your hair and comb through the conditioner
  5. Rinse out conditioner, and towel dry.
  6. Apply oil treatment conditioner or hair mask, put on a plastic cap, and leave for 45 mins to an hour or use a hair dryer to quicken the process.
  7. Comb your hair before rinsing off the oil treatment.
  8. You can air dry, blow dry or wrap your hair.
  9. Apply a hair moisturiser and oil for scalp.
  10. Style as desired.

My go to products:

Please share your tips and products that  you use to deal with this hairy situation.



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